WINTER 2019 UPDATE:  We are currently not shipping, please check for updates in late Spring 2019.  Feel free to use the email contact form for questions.


  • Cultivated in ozonated, purified salt water. (Never another fish tank!)
  • Only fed the highest quality phytoplankton to ensure the safety of adding directly to the aquarium.
  • High nutritional content, full of essential fatty acids (HUFAs).
  • Healthy swimming behavior to invoke a feeding response in the pickiest of saltwater aquarium fish.


Each Bottle contains ONE species ready to be added to your reef aquarium or refugium.

Live Copepods ($20)


OCEAN PODS is a premium mix of THREE species that have been tested for compatibility with reef environments.

Ocean Pods ($25)

*We are currently not shipping to Hawaii, due to shipping regulations.

*Please email me if you have questions.