Ocean Pods


OCEAN PODS copepods are 100% aquacultured and safe to add to your system for feeding these species of fish.  OCEANPODS are THREE SPECIES of copepods that will FEED YOUR TANK, allow you to START A CULTURE.

Recommended dosage = 1 bottle/50 gallons for mature (>1 year) tanks.

Recommended dosage = 1 bottle/25 gallons for new (<1 year) tanks or for preparing a tank for a fish that relies on copepods (mandarin gobies, blennies, jackknife fish, wrasse, pipefish and seahorses).

Reef tank systems do better when there are a variety of natural organisms to maintain the ecological balance.

The reason that “liverock” or “live sand” is such a great item is that it provides  foundation for healthy microorganisms that will allow the larger, more visible fish and invertebrates to thrive.

Over time, the population of the invertebrates from the live rock will naturally decline, as they are grazed by the corals, anemones, fish and shrimp in the tank.

OCEAN PODS copepods are a great way to boost your natural populations of copepods.


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